Sunday, October 14, 2012

We got a great review!

2 Days ago on The New Hanoian website, Tea Talk received a wonderful, detailed review of the food, concept, staff and place! Such a great motivation and affirmation for the staff! You are welcomed to check it out too!

Link to Tea Talk's review on The New Hanoian

Russian social work counterparts endorse Tea Talk.

Dr. Antonina Dashkina, Director of Russian European Trust for Welfare Reform,  President of the Russian Union of Social Pedagogues and Social Workers, together with Mr. Tony Widmer, visited Tea Talk and gave their endorsement for the vision and work that Tea Talk aims to achieve.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tea Talk supports Special Arts
Mr. Viet, 25 years old, may not be able to communicate using language but he can certainly communicate beautifully through his art.

Oil on canvas 40 by 30 cm
Oil on canvas 30 by 40 cm
Oil on canvas 30 by 40 cm

Oil on canvas 80 by 60 cm

If interested to support this project, 
please contact Ms. Trang at