Happy Birthday, Presley!

Less than 2 weeks from the first birthday party, another one was thrown at Tea Talk! This time, our birthday "boy" was pleasantly surprised by his friends.

Carrot cake was the birthday cake! Sliced carrots were creatively arranged on the cake!

 The dinner menu was picked by his wife, who went for a more western choice. There was spaghetti, garlic bread, roasted chicken with lemon grass, fresh salad and fruits. 

 Happy guests! 

 The birthday "boy"

At the end of the evening, the birthday "boy" said it was indeed a very memorable birthday, because firstly he did not expect to have a party, and afterwards he got to celebrate it with many good friends!

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  1. Very cute post! My son is just like him. And we will be celebrating his birthday in one of the finest Venues in NYC, he will turn 18 this time so I wanted the party to be grand. Moreover, he loves celebrating his birthday with all his cousins and friends.