Everyone needs someone to listen to them

I become a para-counselor at Tea Talk CoRE Community as I joined the Let’s Talk program by chance.  At first, I simply wanted to experience something interesting and new compared to other activities I took part in. The idea that I could be able to learn about counseling and to practice made me feel excited. But soon enough, I realized that the work is not that easy like it might seem. Being a para-counselor requires many skills and knowledge, which I think that there’s still a long way for me to go if I wish to become one. 

When I finished the course, it was time for me to start putting into practice. I felt quite nervous and stressful as the thought that I was not ready and qualified to be a para-counselor stucked in my mind. But the mentors of ‘Let’s talk’ project, namely Mr. Michael, Ms Trang and Mrs Rhiana, did help me a lot, and then I overcame my worries as I started with my very first case. 

My first so-called client is a girl who is a student in my university. She read my suggestion on my facebook account that I was trying to be a para-counselor and if there was anyone who want to try having a talk, they could contact me. So eventually she sent me a message via facebook, asked if whether we could arrange a meeting or not. Subsequently we met up a few days later at Tea Talk café.
Her problem is that there is no one who is actually willing to listen to her story or can understand what she has to face. For 3 hours, we talked and discussed about her story. In the end of the chat chat time, I asked how she felt after our talk. She smiled while saying that it was a big help. And at that moment, I finally understood how meaningful my work was. I don’t know if I really did anything, but I know that she felt comfortable and relaxed because finally there was someone willing to listen to her story and try to help. So I started thinking that maybe sometimes the main point is about not about solving the problem, but about sharing the story, empathizing with your client’s feelings, and more than that, being there when they need you most. With that thought, although that was just my first step but I feel I can do this, to reach out for people in need. The Lets Talk program has gave me the chance simple to do that.

Quynh Anh
Tea Talker
Para Counselor

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