Ms. Kathleen used a lot of visual aids for her lessons.
Lessons about "Love Container".

💖 September 8 was an evening full of meaning and knowledge for parents who participated in the Workshop "Effective Praises" organized by Tea Talk and CoRE Vietnam. With the experience and knowledge gained through more than 15 years of practice as a social work expert, Ms. Kathleen has given very familiar and easy-to-understand shares for parents to better understand age psychology of their children. Parents have learned about the concept of "Love Container", learned how to "Appreciate their children and themselves", Balance positive and negative words, how to effectively praise their children, how to recognize their child for the things they have done.
In addition to sharing knowledge, the Workshop also has extremely useful practical activities such as parents discussing together, role-playing activities to practice giving compliments, and especially time for parents to write letters to give their words of concern to children.
🌟Who needs to
👉Design training/sharing with topics on making friends with children, life skills, mental health care... according to needs,
👉 as well as supporting fundraising items such as clean and healthy raw honey, environmental protection fabric bags, bilingual books about the journey to overcome trauma and depression...
❤ Please follow and contact us via:
Phone: 090 220 4344 (gặp anh Lân)

Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE would like to express our deep gratitude to Ms. Kathleen Yee for traveling such a long way to be here, sharing her knowledge and experiences. We appreciate the efforts of all the organizing committee members for their enthusiastic preparation, creating a friendly atmosphere, delightful tea breaks, and clear introduction of the fundraising products.

Special thanks to the parents who joined us. This training session wouldn't have been successful without your support. Your presence is invaluable to us!

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Discuss together how to give appropriate praise to your child in certain specific situations.

"1 criticism needs more than 9 compliments to balance"

Parents play games together to help relieve stress and connect with each other


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