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🌟 PHYSICAL TOUCH - Building Strong Connections 🌟

💑 Immerse Yourself in the Language of Love: Understand From Every Angle 💑
Physical touch is a love language tightly connected to the act of touching and physical contact. From gestures like hugs, kisses, and caresses to various forms of physical interaction, it's a wonderful way to express affection.

🤔 Do You Understand Your Love Language? 🤔

Everyone carries a unique combination of love languages. Understanding yours and your partner's love language enhances the quality of your relationship, creating a strong and lasting connection.

🤗 People Embracing the Love Language of Touch and Physical Contact 🤗

Individuals who resonate with this love language feel love and appreciation primarily through the comfort of physical touch. For them, daily physical closeness with a partner is crucial and signifies a spiritual connection.

💖 Creating a Special Connection 💖

People feel valued when embraced or kissed. The warmth and comfort of physical touch help them sense the emotional value.

(As shared by psychotherapist Fariha Mahmud-Syed)

🔗 Connecting with Those Whose Love Language Is Physical Touch:
Gentle hugs and holding hands can be perfect gestures.

Craft a romantic date by curling up on a sofa, sharing a glass of wine, and enjoying a great movie.

🚀 Understand Your Love Language to Forge Stronger Bonds! 🚀

To EXPLORE the language of love and appreciate someone, Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE present the "LOVE ISN’T EASY TO SPEAK OUT." 🌟

🎁 Join us in unraveling the complexities of expressing love! 🎁
📅 Date: December 21, 2023
🕖 Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
📍 Online
For more details and early registration, please visit:
Let's make love easier to express and cherish! ❤️

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