WHY is this workshop named "A LITTLE COCOON"?


🌈🦋 WHY is this workshop by Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE named "A LITTLE COCOON"? 🦋🌈
🌟 "A LITTLE COCOON" - A fragile and delicate shell, yet within its fragility lies the guardian of a person's tender soul throughout their lifetime. Each of us is a child in the guise of an adult, carrying invisible wounds from our early years.
🌺 Those confined within the "A LITTLE COCOON" need time and patience from those around them to overcome and emerge as beautiful and resilient butterflies.
🛡️ At times, they also require external support for added confidence and courage. A community with a compassionate and patient outlook, along with first aid for healing, is crucial.
🥰 Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE extends an invitation to you for the "A LITTLE COCOON" WORKSHOP - themed "CHILDHOOD TRAUMA."
Come and join us in HEALING the shocks and wounds that you may have unintentionally endured.
🎁 General information about the "A LITTLE COCOON" WORKSHOP 🎁
📅 Time: 8:30 - 16:30 on Saturday, January 13, 2024
Location: Cau Giay, Hanoi (specific area will be announced later)
🕖 In-person sharing session (Offline)
📍 Language: Vietnamese
📌For further advice, please contact:
Center for Counseling, Research, and Community Development (CoRE) & Tea Talk Vietnam
Facebook pages:
Hotline: 090 220 4344 (Mr. Lan)
Thank you!
🥰 ----- WE ARE HERE TO HEAR YOU! -----🥰

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