Journey of 2023 - Ending in Completeness!




🌟 Journey of 2023 - Ending in Completeness! 🌟

🎉 Throughout the past year, Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE shared remarkable experiences through talk shows, short talks, and community projects focusing on mental health care.

🌈 Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE organized training sessions on child protection, child care based on understanding trauma, Let’s PAL - Your Companion, and shared insights for parents on connection, recognizing the disconnect with their children. There were also discussions on parenting in the digital age, emotional first aid, and understanding common mental health issues.

On that journey, Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE realized that mental health issues are merely manifestations at the tip of the iceberg, while the roots stem from the process of growing up and maturing in each individual.

🎁 The unique idea of "Mental Health Care based on Understanding Trauma" emerged from the realization that mental health issues often stem from our growing-up and maturing process. And the "A LITTLE COCOON" is the image that Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE wants to convey. The "A LITTLE COCOON" is a protective object for a small life, carefully shielding and wrapping its body from injuries and storms when it is small. However, this COCOON unintentionally undergoes injuries, layer by layer, making it difficult for the small life inside to break free.

🚀 The journey of "A LITTLE COCOON" started with:

- 04 talk shows and significant events such as Preventing Suicide in Young People, Language of Love Year, Self-Care for Tet, and "I Will Have a Date This Tet."

Renowned speakers such as Ngoc Binh, Xuan Anh, Esther Nguyen, Thu Thuy, Trang Nha, Dan Trang, April Lan, and Khanh Le accompanied Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE.

🌟 Remarkable results in over 4 months:

- "A LITTLE COCOON" family with 7 members.

-A community group caring for mental health on Zalo with nearly 300 members and on Facebook with over 2000 members, continuously growing.

To bring "A LITTLE COCOON" to life, Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE did what?

-Over 200 hours of preparation for the "A LITTLE COCOON" launch.

-Over 100 pieces of educational content on mental health and healing childhood trauma for the talk show and workshop series "A LITTLE COCOON"

- Nearly 10,000 engagements on Facebook and over 3000 interests in the "A LITTLE COCOON" workshop and mental health care content.

👥 How many participants attended the "A LITTLE COCOON" workshop?

-Over 30 beloved participants attended the "A LITTLE COCOON" workshop on January 13, 2024, in Hanoi.

👏 How many media partners supported to spread the project further to the community?

-"A LITTLE COCOON" sincerely thanks the media partners of Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE:Therapévo Việt Nam, Diễn đàn tâm lý học, Touching soul center, Purple Vietnam, Dự án Bốn góc nhà, ba góc bếp, , Mạng lưới Sinh viên Khối ngành Sức khỏe Việt Nam - NOHS / IFMSA Vietnam, Capacity Vietnam, and all the beloved friends who liked and shared posts about "A LITTLE COCOON"

🥰 How many individuals and organizations were willing to help "A LITTLE COCOON” with training venue support?

- "A LITTLE COCOON" sincerely thanks individuals and organizations for their love and support in lending or offering extremely favorable rates for training venues for community projects: The Bookstop Cafe (Address: No. 6-B14, KDT, My Dinh 1, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi); The Learning Hub (14 P. Ngo Quyen, Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi), ME Schools system (677-679 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi); HIF (Detech Building, 8 Ton That Thuyet, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi).

🙏 Closing words:

Sincere thanks to all speakers, partners, and the community for their support. See you all in 2024 with a series on Trauma and care based on understanding trauma. Look forward to new images and stories of "A LITTLE COCOON" on the upcoming journey. 🌈🌟🚀


📌 For further advice and support, please contact:

Community Counseling, Research & Development Center (CoRE)

Tea Talk Vietnam

Facebook pages:

Hotline: 090 220 4344 (ask for Mr. Lan)

Thank you very much!

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