🔍 Is it painful to say, "The present generation is easily HURT?"
🌌 Sometimes, it's only after dwelling in darkness for too long that we truly see the brilliance of light, finding it as a way to overcome from our wounds.
🕯️ Have you ever felt lost in your own life? Trapped, unable to break free from the darkness? Days spent feeling hopeless, trying to rediscover yourself, your dreams, your aspirations, only to be met with disappointment? Understanding more about psychology means understanding oneself better, especially for young people.
🔍 Our elders say, "JUST A little hardship, a bit of pain and you are, demanding healing, back in our day…"
🌌 The previous generation didn't suffer because they didn't demand healing and endured the pain and hardship silently until it exploded one day? Should we, the current generation, allow our wounds to be invisible because it is not acknowledged?
🕯️ Do the differences in generations and changes in community perception alter?
🔍 For young people, seeking simple happiness in life, learning to enjoy life more, finding peace within after the storms seems wrong, and goes against living and culture.
🌌 Is the demand to express oneself and be understood, to be loved, too much?
🕯️ Is "healing" necessary, understanding between generations?
🔍 Can we accept the lingering wounds in our souls to bravely seek methods to untie those knots?
🌌 To understand more about the topic and discuss with experts in psychology and social work, Tea Talk Vietnam & CoRE invite you to register for the "FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" workshop to explore the theme of FACING TRAUMA - HOW TO BE PEACEFUL.
🎁 General Information about the WORKSHOP "FINDING LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" 🎁
📅 Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Saturday, April 27th, 2024
📍 Language: English (with Vietnamese translation)
📌 For further inquiries, please contact:
Community Counseling, Research & Development Center (CoRE)
Tea Talk Vietnam
Facebook page:
Hotline: 090 220 4344 (Mr. Lân)
Thank you for your attention!

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