World Autism Awareness Day





🌍💙April 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day💙🌍

"Tea Talk Vietnam - CoRE's 360-day Mental Health Care series"
Day 39: UNDERSTANDING WORLD AUTISM DAY "in mental health care".

Today, across the globe, we are celebrating World Autism Awareness Day - a special day aimed at creating genuine conditions for people to understand, recognize, and support each person regardless of differences.

Autism is not a disease but a developmental condition, the concept of mental diversity comes from each individual, each unique soul behind the facade of a "social assumption".

Today, together, we share goodwill and love to build a welcoming community, a world that is a nurturing space for autist hearts, where they can be free to be themselves, free to dream and develop their talents.

Let every interaction, every glance exchanged, every smile we bestow on them be filled with acceptance, respect and love. For harmony in diversity is the way we create a better world. 💖💙🌏

We invite you to join the community group of Mental Health Care to update information and get privileges:

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Hotline: 090 220 4344 (Mr. Lan)
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